Wedding Jewellery Sets – Should You Bother?

Coming across the best jewellery for your wedding, one that goes quite well with your wedding dress, is no easy feat. Based upon the store you choose to look for your wedding jewellery, you might see a fantastic necklace, only to realise that you have a hideous bracelet that won’t go with it, and not a single earring to pair with it. Maybe there will be a couple of pieces of wedding jewellery that you just adore, but can’t get them to work out with each other. If you don’t want such trouble, it is advised that you don’t pick up your wedding jewellery pieces during separate shopping trips. The fix for this problem is to buy your pieces as part of a wedding jewellery set. Buying them as a set will give you pieces that are destined to be together, consistent and in harmony with each other.

Wedding jewellery sets can be used over again, more than once, the same as if you had purchased them apart from each other. Beyond your wedding day, you can break the set up and wear pieces alone any time you wish, without concern over whether the set should continue to be worn together. And by continuously wearing pieces from your wedding jewellery set, your earrings, your necklace, your bracelets, you will be continuously reviving the beautiful memories of that special day.

Buying wedding jewellery sets is a time saver as well as a money saver. Sets are usually sold at a lower price when compared to single pieces, which is a huge draw for those watching their budget closely. Time savings may not be important on the surface, but when you can use that saved time in other areas of your wedding plans, you’ll agree that this is a real important advantage. Buying a set can also mean saving on postage, if you buy the set online, because you’ll only need one shipment sent to you.

As you begin your search for the perfect wedding jewellery, be sure to have the look and feel in mind, and that it fits in with the rest of your wedding theme and decor. Crystals and diamantes are best for the sparkling look, while pearl works best for a sheen-like appearance.

Remember also that in buying sets that have earrings as part of it, then the set is non-returnable. The only workaround for this is to ask that the set be posted separate from the earrings. You can return the set if you don’t like the look and feel, or you can pay the small additional postage cost if you like the set and want the earrings sent after all.

If your wedding jewellery set is to be of a handmade design, and you find yourself unhappy with a small portion of it, you may be able to convince the designer to change out those parts that you find undesirable, and replace them with a more fitting design piece. However, it is a good idea to check with the designer before committing to your purchase to make sure this is something you will be able to do.

Is Buying Bridesmaids Wedding Jewellery As Gifts a Good Idea?

A bridesmaid gift is a way to say thank you to your bridesmaids for helping you with your wedding day. But is giving your bridesmaids the wedding jewellery you intend for them to wear on the day as their bridesmaid gift the right thing too do?

To be honest if money was no object then yes wouldn’t it be nice to give your bridesmaids jewellery to wear on the day and a further gift to show your appreciation at the reception but that’s not always possible. So to help you with this dilemma there are a few questions you should ask yourself.

At your friend’s weddings, did the bride give their bridesmaids jewellery to wear on the day as their gift or did they buy them something else to present to them at the reception?

If the majority of your friends gave their bridesmaid’s jewellery for them to wear on the day as their gift then you should be pretty safe doing the same. However if any of your bridesmaids have given separate gifts at their own weddings then you should do the same if you can afford too.

Is the jewellery wearable again, not just at other special occasions for more casual wear?

If yes, then it’s acceptable to give wedding jewellery as the bridesmaid gift. However if you know that there is very little chance of them being able to wear it again or it isn’t their usual style, get them a separate bridesmaids gift, something that they will enjoy. Remember a gift doesn’t mean anything it there’s no thought behind it.

Will the men from the wedding party be wearing / using their wedding gifts during the day?

If the best man and ushers are also wearing or using their wedding gift during the big day then it’s fine to expect the same of the bridesmaids. But if the men have been given something to use during the day such as cuff links and then given another gift at the reception then so should the bridesmaids. If you’ve spent money on quality wedding jewellery already for your bridesmaids then a simple token such as a bouquet of flowers would be a nice gesture.

Can I afford to buy my bridesmaids wedding jewellery and another gift?

When it comes to weddings, money places huge restrictions on your choices so if money is a concern either buy your bridesmaids wedding jewellery which can be worn again and acknowledge their help on your big day with something that doesn’t cost a lot such as a poem created specifically for them to show how much they’re appreciated. Or opt for simple and less expensive wedding jewellery such as a crystal pendant and use the money you were planning on spending on another gift.

If you’re budget can’t stretch to wedding jewellery and an extra bridesmaid gift but you’re concerned that your bridesmaids are expecting this, then don’t be afraid to tell them you just can’t afford it. If they don’t understand they shouldn’t be your bridesmaids in the first place.

Deciding whether you can give wedding jewellery as bridesmaid gifts depends on the social norms that operate within your circle of friends, the expectations of the men in the wedding party, the budget you have to spend and whether the jewellery you intend to give as a gift is suitable for the bridesmaids in question.

Everything About Bridal and Wedding Jewellery

Bridal and wedding jewellery is specially made and worn on the occasion of a wedding. What makes bridal jewellery sets all the more unique is that they carry with them the memories of your special day. Wearing your bridal earrings or necklace out for a nice dinner or night of dancing can remind you of the joy and celebration of that treasured moment. As beautiful as a wedding dress is, it can often be enhanced with a few carefully chosen accessories.

The jewellery worn by the bride on the occasion of her wedding should be as unique as she is. Many women choose to wear a set of bridal jewellery as the perfect accessories to their wedding attire.

A bride should ideally begin her search for bridal jewellery once she has purchased her dress. Since jewellery is chosen to complement a dress or other attire and vice versa, one should not be chosen without considering the other. There are several factors to consider in order to ensure that your dress and jewellery coordinate. This is also true of bridesmaids’ jewellery and dresses. As with every other aspect of planning your dream wedding, time should be set aside to design the custom jewellery of your dreams.

Common forms of bridal jewellery include tiaras, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and brooches or other forms of pins and clasps. Weddings are about everyone involved looking their best; cuff links, pins, bracelets, or other accessories are also an option for groomsmen. Not all jewellery needs to match, but attention should be paid to the colours of metals or stones that may clash.

The most important bridal jewellery is typically engagement and wedding rings. These are usually chosen long before the wedding, and while they are very important, they are often of the least concern when establishing the overall look of a bride’s ensemble or the wedding ceremony as a whole.

Finding bridal jewellery to complete your look for the big day can sometimes be a difficult task. You may find that in your search, you come across a pair of earrings and a necklace that catch your eye, but there is no matching bracelet. Likewise, you may find that the individual pieces of a set do not complement each other well. To pull your jewellery or accessory look together, you can have your jewellery custom-made, or purchased from one jeweller. By having your jewellery custom-made, you ensure a consistent and well-coordinated look, composed of individual pieces of the highest quality. The pieces will be made to match the occasion, and one another. You will save time and energy — which are in short supply when planning a wedding! — by purchasing your bridal jewellery all at once. It is no wonder that such pieces of jewellery are treasured as family heirlooms from generation to generation.

The same considerations apply to bridesmaids’ jewellery. Many brides give their bridesmaids a gift as a way to thank them for being a part of their wedding ceremony. Every bride wants her bridesmaids too look beautiful on her special day, as they stand with her. There are many different styles of jewellery that you may consider for your bridesmaids, and they do not have to be prohibitively expensive! Naturally, it is wise to set your budget before you begin shopping.

Colours: Choose metals for your jewellery that can be paired nicely with the material and colour of your wedding attire. White materials look best with silver, platinum, or pearl. Pair gold, silver, platinum or pearl with diamond- or brilliant-white materials. Ivory tones are best paired with gold or pearl.

Neckline: A V-neck works well with a delicate chain and pendant, a choker, or single- and double-string pearls. Pair the necklace with matching earrings for a timeless look. A wedding dress with a V-neck, off the shoulder, sweetheart, scoop, strapless, square, jewel, bateau, or halter design will work well with a necklace. Strapless and sweetheart necklines can be beautifully paired with simple styles of necklaces and a stunning pair of chandelier earrings. Brides wearing a high-neck dress or one with a keyhole will find that there really is no room for a necklace at all. For such gowns, earrings and perhaps a bracelet are a flattering option. Remember that not every type of necklace will complement each neckline mentioned above. Be sure to consult with the experts in order to choose the correct necklace for your gown’s neckline.

Necklaces: From classic pearls to pendants, the primary consideration when choosing a style of necklace should be the shape of the gown nearest the neck (the neckline). Necklaces that are too short or too long can interfere with the overall appearance of the dress. Designs can be very simple, or incredibly ornate; this depends on the look of the outfit as a whole. A gown with sparkles or beads on the bodice may coordinate well with a complex necklace design, or it may call for a subtle and understated one.

Earrings and Bracelets: There are numerous types of each, all of which can form an important part of the whole when combining a wedding dress with jewellery. When the hair is in an updo, beautiful earrings can frame the face to achieve a stunning look that is both modern and classic. Pearls and diamonds are a popular choice for such earrings. Alternatively, some brides opt for coloured gemstones that coordinate with the colour scheme of the wedding. When a gown’s neckline does not allow for a necklace, a bracelet is an excellent way to complement a pair of earrings or other jewellery.

Tiaras, Brooches, and Pins: Worn on the head, a tiara is a distinctly delicate crown that can create a captivating and regal look. Again, an understated or intricate design can bring together the perfect outfit — from head to toe. Many women love the idea of wearing a tiara as part of their bridal jewellery, but others will opt to use a brooch or pin to hold the hair in a certain manner, or to fasten a veil. This adds sparkle and beauty in a tiara’s stead.

One of the most exciting moments for a bride-to-be is choosing her bridal attire. While finding the perfect combination of elements may seem impossible, it may be especially challenging to choose the right accessories. The design or style of the jewellery plays a central role in determining the overall look of the outfit and ensures that there is consistency between the individual pieces of the bridal jewellery set. Keep in mind that the jewellery should not overpower or understate the wedding gown; rather, it should accentuate it. Above all else, the bridal jewellery should reflect the bride’s personal style.

Caring for Your Sterling Silver Wedding Jewellery

Sterling silver is a beautiful precious metal that will last for generations with proper care. It can tarnish when exposed to air, so it is a good idea to keep your jewellery in its original box when not being worn, this will help to slow the tarnishing process. Silver can also react with the natural acids in your skin, some people will find that their jewellery stays clean after a number of wears whilst others will need to clean it after each wear, this is completely normal and is also the reason why the same perfume can smell totally different on two people, we all have differing amounts of these natural chemicals.

If your jewellery does tarnish the easiest way to clean it is with a silver polishing cloth, these soft cloths are impregnated with a gentle cleaning agent, just rub the cloth over your jewellery to restore the shine. It is a good idea to put a piece of this cloth in the box with your jewellery if it is being stored for a long time before your wedding day.

If your jewellery has been neglected and needs a more thorough clean then a liquid cleaner will clean the silver more thoroughly. Make sure you read the instructions carefully, the cleaners vary in strength and if you leave your jewellery in some of them for too long or don’t rinse the jewellery carefully after you can cause damage. Be extra careful if your jewellery has stones or pearls, Swarovski crystals and pearls are fine in these liquid cleaners but real pearls, opals and similar stones can be porous so should not be immersed in liquid.

Always put on your jewellery after spraying hairspray or perfume, this prevents the mist settling on the crystals and dulling their shine and also prevents the chemicals tarnishing your silver.

Always remove your jewellery before using any product that contains bleach,ammonia, alcohol, or nail polish removers that contain acetone.

Follow these guidelines and your wedding jewellery will look stunning for years to come just ready to be worn again for that special occasion or lent to your daughter on her wedding day!

Why Choose Vintage Or Personalised Wedding Jewellery

You can sometimes spend months agonising over what style of dress to choose for your wedding and, what with the rest of the planning that goes into organising your wedding, it is not uncommon for your wedding jewellery to be a last moment decision. Yes, you can dash into a jewellers and pick something from the counter, but with a little forethought you can choose jewellery that is more unique and special to you. Something that you can cherish forever.

Wearing jewellery, and indeed exchanging jewellery between bride and groom, is a custom that goes back for centuries with the only difference being that styles and materials change according to latest trends and personal preferences. Vintage jewellery is growing in popularity and also serves as a great way of utilising “something old, something borrowed”. A great favourite for girls choosing vintage is pearls. Not only are they timeless but they can also be worn for lots of other occasions after the wedding. Beautiful, old diamond encrusted brooches can be transformed into stunning necklaces or chokers or even put into a headdress, whilst vintage combs and headbands are also very popular. Another fashion which again is timeless, and has been worn by brides for many years, is pieces of jewellery fashioned from flowers, feather and tulle. Handmade silk flowers worn as a headband, or feather fascinators with rhinestone detailing, all look very pretty and will be unique to you. Whether your hair is up or down, the addition of a stunning vintage hair clip will transform you from everyday into bride.

With the ever-growing use of the internet for shopping, many brides are now turning to virtual stores to buy custom-made wedding jewellery for their special day. With so many different designs, shapes, colours and materials, a bride can have something made to her exact requirements without even leaving her house. There are many web-based configurations that allow you to sketch a preliminary design on the internet to give a designer some idea of what you are looking for and this interaction between bride and designer, results in a beautiful piece of jewellery that is truly unique.

There is a growing trend for the traditional wide yellow gold wedding band to be replaced with a narrower, feminine and often quite intricate design. A popular combination of materials is platinum and rose gold which together look simply stunning.

Of course, it may be that you have a family heirloom such as a necklace that you would like to wear and so you could get a designer to make you some earrings to match, or perhaps a bracelet. This embraces the idea of sharing the joy of the day through a family piece and also adds romance by carrying on a love story through the generations.

Making your choice of jewellery with such a diverse range makes it much easier to obtain exactly what you are looking for. Your choice is made easier once you have an idea of the style of dress and the overall theme of your wedding, and of course your budget. You can have fun and get lots of inspiration by doing a little research and, by refining what you need and defining what you want, you’re sure to get the perfect wedding jewellery for you.

Review the Options When Searching For Wedding Jewellery

Weddings are a time of reflection, a time of commitment, a time of memories. If you’re getting married, you’d like to focus of the love you and your significant other share. Unfortunately, this cannot be the case when discussing wedding plans; there are so many facets to consider. One of the things you’ll be helping to decide is what sorts of accessories you will be wearing at the altar. Selecting wedding jewellery can be a difficult task for UK couples – but by browsing through the right items, you can turn your jewellery search into something successful.

Beautiful Bridal Ideas

When brides walk down the aisle, they want to look as stunning as possible – not only for the guests, but obviously for their soon-to-be husbands. But when you decide on the dress, you might also be asking yourself what sorts of accessories may compliment the gown best. To that end, brides often look to different types of wedding accessories – such as wedding earrings, or a wedding necklace. Plenty of brides even choose to sport a wedding tiara. Of course, you might be concerned as to whether or not you can pay for items that often come at an extravagant cost. However, there are bargain options for brides – like cheap wedding jewellery that still looks fantastic and often identical to expensive stones.

Thoughts for the Bridesmaids

It’s not just the bride who has to be considered when coming up with wedding jewellery accessories – bridesmaids play such a huge role in the wedding that they should also look their very best. This is why brides are on the lookout for jewellery which compliments the bridesmaids, while also sticking to any theme the wedding may have. Bridesmaids should always match each other, and the bride, well.

Even Something for the Men

It seems surprising to many that men also adorn themselves in wedding accessories. Yet there are items for men that are considered jewellery that we may not even really think about. For instance, the man’s wedding ring itself serves as a form of jewellery; so, too, would things like cufflinks and tie tacks. So men play just as vital a role in the search for accessories as the brides do.

All these ideas are good to remember when you go out to look for the right wedding jewellery for your UK wedding.

Simon Phoenix is one of the honoured Yarwood-White Employee and also a skilled Businessmen. He is specialized in Jewelery Marketing . Yarwood-White mainly deals with Bridal Jewelery and Wedding Accessories.

Tidbits About Pearl Wedding Jewellery For the Best Wedding Experience

It’s often been said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. If that girl is getting married, it just might turn out that it isn’t diamonds so much as it is pearls that can be a lifesaver. As bridal jewellery goes in the UK, pearl wedding jewellery seems to be one of the most sensible selections any bride could make regarding what they wear when walking down the aisle.

Pearls Never Fade Away

The beautiful thing about pearls is how they can stay beautiful after so many years. Pearl jewellery stands the test of both time and style. There hasn’t been a modern era in which pearls haven’t been a good option. Pearls worked well in the 20th century; they’ll still be a smooth choice in this century…and even the next, no doubt. In addition, pearls offer an amazing level of convenience. Not only can they be worn in different ways at a wedding – they can carry with you after the nuptials, and into the reception and beyond.

Display the Array (of Styles)

When considering various wedding jewellery, keep in mind that pearls are a wonderful idea – due in part to the fact there are so many different accessories that can be laden with pearls. From the bridal tiara, to pearl wedding earrings, there are so many accessories that classify as pearl wedding attire. Plenty of brides also choose to wear some sort of necklace to compliment or accentuate the bridal gown. This is where a pearl wedding necklace makes so much sense, in that pearls can be obtained in many colours that can match or offset the dress. Generally, the pearls will match the wedding gown.

Allure of the Black Pearl

There is an interesting option to ponder which can really add some unique qualities to a wedding ensemble: black pearls. Many people seem to love the look and exotic qualities of these pearls. Just imagine how well they might mesh with certain colours. Even picture yourself contrasting that white dress with black pearls, which will really make the pearls stand out. It will definitely be a hot discussion topic among your wedding guests.

It doesn’t matter if you’re having a traditional wedding or a modern style of nuptials – pearl wedding jewellery can take any UK bride and transform her into an unforgettable beauty on a day when she absolutely should be the centre of attention.

Simon Phoenix is one of the honoured Yarwood-White Employee and also a skilled Businessmen. He is specialized in Jewellery Marketing . Yarwood-White mainly deals with Bridal Jewellery and Wedding Accessories.